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Teach For Us


Our brand, your skill.

Have you ever thought about teaching people the skills that you hold? Getting the thanks and praise of someone new completing your course and making a career for themselves? 

With NMD we can help you achieve this!


Achieving the best in yourself

NMD offers a fully Accredited AET (Award in educational training) course. 

this will open your gate ways to a whole new level. Teaching people the skill you were blessed with. This is new chapter that you can push yourself to.


now what?

Here at NMD with any of our courses its always in our best interest to help you progress in yourself. What we offer is a chance to become aboard the NMD crew and become a NMD Trainer. Now this is totally optional and is something we have added as it sets people up to see how you feel in this line of work.

Benefits of becoming a NMD Trainer


Benefits of becoming a Trainer

There are many benefits to becoming a trainer with NMD. 

Our full support

Its hard at the start and we know it. That's why one of the big things here at NMD we try to focus on a lot is being there and being ready to help at any point. We want to be fit to help the best that we can and make this as easy as possible.

social media promotion

One of the hardest things in this industry is getting your name out there. Well a benefit for working with us is that our name is growing everyday. Our platform is a great way to support you beginning through our social media. Our brand is now reconsigned all over the world. 


Once you are a fully trained and are training people, any additional course that you want to train in or train people in, will be 20% off for educators only.

All Manuals and certificates

All manual's and certificate's are give to you meaning them endless hours that we spent writing manuals, we can just give to you. Also our certificates, as you may have seen are very professional and we give these tou you.

Any more questions?

Any other questions your would like answered or if you would just like to jump aboard don't be afraid to contact us.